London Fashion Week: Part III

(Top to bottom: Pecan nuts and honey pastry, Soho bun)

The last bit of highlight of strolling in London involved marching down Portobello Road and have a nibble at Gail's, which describes itself as an artisan bakery. There are about eleven in London, so if that's where you live, find the nearest one to you and indulge..
There are so many cafes selling the most yummy sandwiches and lovely vintage shops in Notting Hill, I just had to stop myself from going mad (perhaps should've worn a straitjacket).

One of those occasions - which definitely required a straitjacket - was when I walked past Hirst Antiques. This shop has packed its window with tons of antique jewellery (most were affordable and/or worn by celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Elizabeth Taylor).

Straitjacket for you too?

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