Oh Leather Have It, Please!

I'm the kind of person that believes in buying durable statement pieces and working 'around' that, rather than statement pieces working around the things you already have.

Here are some I think are must-haves!

Parton Trim Boots

Leaf Cluster Choker

Vasilis Long Wrap Coat

Mini Jacquard Shorts

Melton Contrast Quilted Coat

Soft Leather Pocket Jacket

I'm in love the most with the shoes and Ted Baker coat and just need to have them, however, I think one should also have a LBC - long(er) black coat. You know, for those days you feel like being incognito or when you are in professional environments. Then again, on the other hand, one really makes a statement and leaves a deep impression with a red coat!

What have you GOT to have this winter?

For me the shoes and coat, definitely! Oh.. Did I tell you that already?


You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet..

I've been horrible to my body lately.. Working at a burger restaurant, as much as I want to prevent all the junkfood, I cannot always avoid it. Especially not when there's a staff party. Key words of yesterday's staff party: KFC and Dominoes Pizza. I am so weak-minded when it comes to food! I would definitely loose a war if my enemies would bring in a Trojan food offering. Sad haha!

However, my unspoken rule is that after the day of sinning, follows a day with (super-)healthy food. So today I had salmon fillet marinated in lemon and herbs with some potatoes baked in the oven and salad on the side (carrots, cabbage etc). I used a dressing of just olive oil (don't have lemon to mix it with, snap!) pepper and salt. It was delish! Wish I ate this healthy everyday :)

Salmon is rich in good fat, called omega-3 :) which is good for the functioning your brain, helps your body control inflammations much better and reduces breast and prostate cancer. More? As Knoji.com puts it: Greasy skin becomes less greasy, fewer wrinkles, firmer skin!

So apart from trying to eat more healthy, I intend to boost my cardio, which is absolutely in a bad place right now (think: being out of breath after walking the stairs). I'm not overweight at all, but as the boyfriend put it, I could do with being toned and be fit. So, there is this fabulous brand of which I'd love to have many things, called Sweaty Betty, most of which you'll see in the collage underneath under running and yoga. Two things I'd like to start doing.

Note the ubercool iPod nano case holder!

|| Running: Headwarmers | Shock Absorber Run Bra | Velocity run jacket | Easy Run Pants | Black Tiktok iPod Nano Case Holder , iPod Nano |  Nike Air Max ||
|| Yoga: Yoga Vest | 7/8 Legging | Southwark Socks (so comfy for at home as well!) | Eco Yoga Mat ||

If you got titanic feet, like me, and cannot easily find your shoe size, have a look at ladyfootlocker.com (up to UK size 11/US size 13/EU size 44)! Great running shoes (or for any other sports), clothing and accessoiries.

I'm a bit more motivated to start now! It's just that I need to order my shoes as soon as I can and perhaps have a look around at other nice brands.

Have you got a favourite website, store or brand you like to get your sports clothes from?


Lick me like a lollipop

After work today, I strolled to Forever 21 - part of the shopping centre I work in - and found some cuddly, cute items which I'm sure will appear later on in my blogs!

Though later, when I was in Selfridges, I spotted something... extraordinary. Food in combination with insects. Or insects as food.

Insects usually disgust me as they crawl too fast, observe you while you're sleeping (I mean how creepy is that), fly around your face/food and maybe end up in you're mouth too. Apparently, we eat 8 spiders in our lifetime (sincere apologies to the arachnaphobics under us)!

Though, how cruel this may sound, insects can't do much harm in those forms, can they?

Vodka-flavoured lollipops containing scorpions

This company called "Edible" describes these vodka-flavoured lollipops as sugarfree (well done!) and if you
hold them under UV light they may turn out to be glow-in-the-dark lollipops! Other options are lollipops containing ants and worms.

Those 'insectopops' are just a fraction of the range of products in the various departments. So maybe if you're throwing a Halloween party this year and want to serve your guests extraordinary bites, you may try: barbeque worm crisps, chocolate covered scorpions and thai curry crickets to name a few..

Something more suitable for those who want to try something other than insects, but still peculiar:

Reindeer pate in the Carnivore department

Reindeer pate

Also, coffee-lufers have not been forgotten. Want to try a refined kind of coffee which does not have an aftertaste? Try coffee produced by civets - a type of cat that produces coffee beans through digesting(!) cherry stones.

Civet coffee

Other categories are Aphrodisiac (they sell pearl dust!), HerbivoreHerbs&SpicesEnglish Garden Collection and Apothecary.

A nice detail is that Edible lists the class, order, species and origin of each organism and provides informative descriptions for each product. For the biology lufers!

Must say, I love the classy golden can and simple packaging of Edible's products. The petri-dish like containers give this brand a laboratory look. Now, I happen to be an avid lover of CSI, Bones, The Closer - everything geeky! It nearly tempts me to... bail anyway. Though, I would try the coffee :)

As far as these especialties go, this isn't all of Edible's products. If you've become curious, check out www.edible-shop.com for the '[...] finest quality delicacies'. 

Would you give the lollipops a go?


Would you like a dipping sauce with that?

Five months ahead and things are looking good. At least, better. I still haven't got a camera, but may get hold of one soon! My focus has shifted from fashion to food - one of the elements of my blogs already anyway - and I'm planning on posting relatively more food-related blogs rather than fashion! So, no stress! Fashion will never leave my side!

Living in Manchester for nearly a year, I have settled in (fi-na-lly) and noticed something that has bothered me A LOT! English eating habits! I'm not talking about traditional English dishes, I'm talking about the things English people eat; there is an abundance of take-aways, hence fat (baconsausagepastychips, you name it) and sugar! Working in a restaurant, I've surrendered to the seductions of chips and onion rings many times . Yet, I wouldn't stop telling myself that I had to eat something healthy!

Just want to make clear I'm NOT a nutritionist, I don't know three-quarter about food that there is to know. Nor do I mean to insult the English! I think America is by far the worst when it comes to eating habits, but I have to say every country has them. Though in many ways England has Americanised and while more countries will follow, this is definitely becoming a problem!

Ever since I was young, my mum would tire me and bombard me with lines and questions like: "Have you had your vitamins?" "You ought to eat enough veggies, put some more on your plate!" "You have a headache? It's because you're not drinking enough water"... etc .. Though, I could not be more grateful for her doing that, because it has taught me that  if you don't oil your motor well, it will start to show failures! Or, your body is your temple. I have got a whole unique approach to food, most definitely different from the majority of English+Dutch people and I would just love to share it (with them too)!

I'm working on my own little projects for now, but will keep you updated as soon as I have a proper camera!

P.s.: I'm definitely on my way to poverty now. Having a visa debit card now I live in the UK, I finally had the courage to order something online for the FIRST time! Must say this visa debit card is putting my financial life in jeopardy.. Anyway, what matters is that my lovely cream knitted jumper will be on its way soon!

ASOS Aran Jumper with Cowl Neck 
Such a cutie (the jumper, that is)!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lufers! x