One, two, three, four, Underwater

Absolutely knackered I am! But I have been thinking of posting something about Alison Harvard for a while, as I got more and more amazed by her rare, strange type of beauty. I have not been watching tv since I got in the UK - and during the day I usually don't even have time for tv - but I have been watching the whole of the All Stars Cycle and it was entertaining! I will not share my opinion on how the cycle ended, just saying that everything is about money these days...

Anyway, Alison Harvard!

She is a little weird, like so many people have said, but she is definitely intriguing... I can't remember I have ever seen a model with eyes THAT big!

Source: Michael Schwartz

Source: ANTM / Keith Major

She is not just a model, she is an All Star (who cares that she didn't win)...

She can paint...

"Pippi" by Allison Harvard
(Source: http://www.allisonelizabeth.com/artwork/index.html)

And she wrote amazing lyrics for her song "Underwater", inspired by her deceased father.. To me a perfect lounge song..

What do you say?