La Regazza Con Le Scarpe Rosa

My weekend was full of watching movies with the Boyfriend! Of which the most inspiring one was 'Eat, Pray, Love' starring Julia Roberts. I haven't read the book, (someone told me it was amazing) but the movie is definitely worth seeing. That is, if you're at least a tad spiritual or just like cultural things. 

(Via teaser-trailer.com)
I'm not going to give away too much, in case you haven't seen it yet. But this 2010 movie takes place in four different countries and one I really wanted to see after seeing this movie is Italy! I was longing for traditional pasta dishes and tasting the Italian culture of passion and food!

Anyhow! The day after I had a nice night out with the girls in Avici White Manchester and wore my newest outfit. Hope you had a wonderful weekend lufers! 

My top is from Topshop.

(Source: fashionscene.nl)

This is the actual skirt, but I rolled it up and pulled it up a little, because I didn't like it that long.

With the beautiful C. On this picture you can see my shoes!

Pink and Blue Velvet Rosaline Shoes
(Source: littleblackdress.co.uk)

The amazing Kurt Geiger beauties! Got mine in pink. Love how they are velvet and have a golden buckle. That is why I opted for black varnish by GOSH, purple lipstick by Sleek Make Up (Mystic 783) and the accessoires below :)

Oval Drop Earrings
(Source: Topshop.com)

                                                  Cut Out Diamond Ring Topshop
                                        (Source: polyvore.com)


My appetite is way too big for my purse

(Source: Purple Fashion Magazine Spring 2011 Winter 2012)

Facebook friends have probably seen this status on their walls already, but really, it's true!

I have always been the kind of person that eats a lot - to many people's suprise - and nothing happens (physically). Okay, so maybe I'm blessed. Since my oldest sister and I basically got the same size.

Anyway, I eat in all kinds of moods and conditions: when ill, nauseous, bored, when full (now that is just greed - forgive me, but how can u leave that last bit of delicious lasagne? Just saying).

This sounds pretty yukk when writing this, but it's true. I do think I should do something about this behaviour, because I'm not doing any sports whatsoever and that does make me feel bad haha. Especially since my stamina is just sad.

My resolution for this year 2012? Going to the gym or attending some pilates/yoga class, perhaps. Some of you are probably thinking: why don't you do it now? Well, that's a long story full of reasons (and excuses) - mostly just good reasons.

I think I'm addicted. To food. You too?

Bagel Nashin' @ Arndale

Really, I wasn't that hungry. Until I saw Espresso & Bagel Bar "Bagel ".
Walking past wasn't an option. I had to get one (food junky talking here).


Bagel Nash distinguishes itself in that it does not have pre-packed bagels, serves fresh smoothies and freshly baked muffins. A booming, unique eating concept!

Mouth-watering bagels in yummylicious flavours (Cheese&Jalapeño, Spinach, Sesame und mehr)
Not only that, though, Bagel Nash also has Breakfast bagels to start off your long days. And Panini's and Gourmet bagels and...

Had a Salt Beef Bagel (Everything Bagel) with american mustard & dill pickles.

Many healthy options too (think: granola, yoghurt and red fruit - yumm)!

Definitely paying more visits to Bagel Nash - great staff there by the way ;)

Tomorrow? Haha.
Spread the love <3.

It’s only up from here

This down-to-earth melody reminds me of my time here in Manchester so far. Laughter, partying and meeting new people. Reminds me of roadtrips through the USA, BBQs, breezy summernights with campfires, reminds me of being with family and friends. Just love it! If you're in the Rihanna Navy, you know what to put on on a nasty rainy day!


La Mode Retro Show

During the La Mode Retro Fashion Show, I spotted some amazing outfits! And got myself a nice vintage sequined top as for £12 (you will see it in one of my posts!)

Think the studs are ubercool!

Black and white and colour block heals (blue/pink/black)

One of the many stunning vintage dresses.