Style Spotting in Manchester

Some people you just have to tell to Stop before it's too late

If you saw someone running around like some psycho, it was probably me :)


Anthony Bebro

Somewhere last week, I walked into town as a tourist, intending on seeing things from different perspectives. And you know, I'm going to do that more often after this experience!

As we walked through Market Street, we witnessed this extremely talented - it's just sick! - artist, whose work I had seen before, but I didn't know who the artist was (he left his painting and material right there on the spot.. To drink coffee or something?). The name of this gifted man is Anthony Bebro.

Mister Bebro himself at work.

He named this painting (this is only a fragment - it was too big to capture the full painting he laid out on the floor): Reunited under a crusade of tears until the sun goes down.

This painting is not yet finished, but I was captivated by the painting of the woman below. Bebro's skills are beyond amazing!


Frida Kahlo & el color de sangre

Started my day of with fresh croissants out of the oven together with scrambled egg and strawberry marmelade and cheese.

This red bag literally made me turn my head walking past the shop's window! Love it :)

I love this colour, it's such a good combo with the shirt!

Now off to the dinner and cinema with friends!

Blazer: H&M, Shirt & Jeans: Zara, Belt (?), Bangles: a gift from Sarajevo and one from Primark, Bag: Oshily, Nailpolish: H&M, Flats: Primark


Las uñas naranjas

My favourite nailpolish in combination with this ring!

I usually leave some space open at the cuticles and the sides to let my nails breathe (not sure whether or not that actually helps) but leaving some space at the sides makes ur nails look longer optically, L. once told me!

Nailpolish from H&M and ring from Topshop



Today I didn't go anywhere, because I have to work tonight till late. I felt like showing my small vintage collection - pff okay its not even a collection, but I'll get there! A while ago I developed my love for vintage. You basically go back in time, while being in the present at the same time. I mainly love the classy pieces. The band of my snake leather bag ripped.. So its pretty useless now, but I still love it. Maybe it can function like a slouch bag or something.. It's not very flexible, though.

My red leather bag I bought in London for ten pounds, we were inseparable the first few weeks! The snake leather bag is from a flea market in Amsterdam. I don't dare travelling with it.. What if it gets confiscated at the customs?!

After dozens of minutes, I handpicked those clip-on beauties at the vintage stand in Topshop, London.

Don't you associate it with safari or something?

The clockwork is not really vintage, but it has a vintagey feel... Both earrings I found at a flea market for a couple of euros. The green ones came with the box from Majorica, another brand (Classy earrings they have!).

Lisner and Rose, Paris.

What do you think of my "collection" so far?



....les petites choses!

Since I have a BlackBerry I can make my own photos, but I'll invest in a Nikon someday, because this quality sucks! Today I joined my mum to the doctor and afterward we went to the Surinamese store for some groceries.. Ahh I just love seeing all the products which we also eat in Suriname.. So American, yet part of our culture too! For the rest of it I enjoyed myself in the sun for a bit.

Nah, I'm not mad!?

Typical and so nice on a warm summer day...

Get's me in the mood for caking bakes. Just looking at it!

Declaring my love to chubby drink

That 'belt' is not a belt.. It was strap from a bag appearantly and I found it a long time ago during sale at Zara.. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I asked the manager if I could take it home.. So now its a belt, sometimes its a necklace together with other necklaces.

Très sexy, non?

Lilac nailpolish from Herôme and earrings from Six.



Long time no see! Shame on me!

I've recently finished doing my exams, so now I have more time to write down inspiring things. Some time ago I was playing with the idea to combine gold AND silver. Before, I had been very reluctant to wear silver rings and, say, golden necklaces. I was somehow convinced that this was the way things should be worn. But I kind of forgot that fashion doesn't have rules :)

So, I found some lovely beads in my grandmothers cookie jar (that's what she kept them in) and then I had this EUREKA moment.. When I was around 12, 13 years old, I was totally into making jewellery with beads and so on and fortunately I had some material left in a bag .. I created this bracelet which I found disgusting at first - that's just how my mind works - advice: sleep on it for a day.. That's what I did and ooh I find it so pretty! Don't you love the faded golden shine on that multi-faced bead? Those two double finger rings I bought in London at Aldo and I have worn the golden one with this bracelet. It's quite unconventional, though.. Opinions, anyone?

By the way, the background of this photo is my favourite cookbook Bismilla Arabia, a gift from Fayrouz, my egyptian beauty. This means you may expect some delicious recipes from the arabic cuisine (soooo off-topic)!