Velvet Breakout

I've caught a velvet fever!

Since I couldn't help myself, I had to post this on Facebook and guess what my sister said?!

"I had those too!! ". For a second - hey, you know I love you - I just wanted to kill her for having had them, but no stress, they will arrive just before serious winter starts to set in here.

Gosh, just know I'm thinking I used to have this long purple velvet skirt I was so proud of. So that trend didn't pass me.. Maybe that's why I was a bit velvetophobic afterward when I grew older and saw those hideous pictures, haha. It can make you look like a serious goth, it can make you fat and it can make you look like a complete malfashionista (just made it up), but above all, it can give your outfit that extra spice.

Just a bit of fashion history: Velvet originated in Kashmir, a little village in the northwestern India and found its way into Baghdad, Cairo and the rest of the world. So, yes, that's where cashmere got its name from.

Then my only minor headache so far was "what fabrics to combine it with?".. Later, I visioned them combined with leather wedges and polyester fabric. Though, I'm opting for the black version, keeping it basic.

Hmm, I must say, the grey version is trying to seduce me ..

Photo credits to: Asos.com